With the slogan of "Funny moments is now" and the sense of protecting the body. It focuses on the present and replaces the sensibility of the generation enjoying now. We love extreme sports game and represent the sensibility of consumers who love Life Street ware, seeking design of high quality. COVERMENT offers a variety of street collections with a unique design that combines life style and extreme sports with a reasonable price, offering better quality, well-managed products with better circulation and subsidiary materials.

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우리는 뛰어난 컬러감각을 기반으로 컬러의 자유로운 믹스앤매치 그리고 새로운 디자인의 소재들을 활용해 평범함 속에서 누구도 전혀 생각지 않았던 새로움을 창조해 냅니다.

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